April the Cat (Furry VRChat Avatar)

Alex The Cat
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A cute furry avatar for VRChat. Medium performance, set up for physbones, and FBT proportioned. No particular gender.

April the Cat has been designed with FBT proportions and dancing in mind, and has been tested extensively. The hands are designed to feel like hands. There is a hip size slider for comfort. The avatar is at home with both shorter avatars like nanachis and taller avatars like humans, and has size versions for both circumstances.


Medium performance!

8 Clothing Toggles:

  • Upper Harness
  • Lower Harness
  • Hoodie
  • Shorts
  • Arm Warmers
  • Leg Warmers
  • Earrings
  • Collar

Customization Menu:

  • Fem chest slider
  • Hue Shift
  • Hip Thickness Slider
  • Hand Floof Toggle
  • Floor Collider Toggle for Tail
  • Fem chest physbone toggle

5 Toggleable Gesture Sets:

  • Default (open eyes, squint eyes, blep, blush, suprised, closed eyes)
  • Default Minimal (open eyes, closed eyes)
  • Fierce (Same options as default but with a fiercer look to the eyes and smaller pupils)
  • Fierce Minimal (fierce open eyes, closed eyes)
  • No Expressions (Intended for Quest and Oculus Users to toggle gestures off)


FBT proportions as close to IRL body as possible

Hands that feel like hands


The public version of the avatar can be tried on in my vrchat avatar world, Furry Avatars by Alex the Cat. https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_5aeff5e7-e544-48c8-b28c-80d243257658

Join the Cat Creations discord server to see what other people are making and to get access to a channel where you can share edits of the avatar with other April the Cat avatar owners: https://discord.gg/Sw6xRUSECm

You can also verify your purchase in Mari's discord server to get access to the Deira channels there.

April the Cat Update 1.1 is out!

NEW! Fem Chest slider and physics (can still be flat)

Updated to Poiyomi 8

Claw size blendshapes

Added gesture editor component so you can edit facial gestures


VRChat Performance: Medium

Download Size in VRChat: 13.95 Mb

Polygons: 69,914 tris

Materials: 16

Skinned Mesh Renderers: 7

Physbone transform count: 110

Bones: 152

Files included with this avatar:

Unity package set up for VRChat

Substance Painter file

PSDs (exported from Substance)

Blender file

Terms of Use

You may use this avatar only for personal use. You may not sell derivative work of this avatar. You may not upload this avatar to a person's account if they do not own the avatar. You may not redistribute the avatar or share the avatar with anyone.


- This model can be used for commercial vtubing, such as: recording, livestreaming, events and promotional material.

- If you and another person BOTH own the avatar, you can do commission work on the avatar for them, sell them an edit or adopt you made of the avatar, or share avatar files with them. To do this you must both be in the Cat Creations discord server (https://discord.gg/Sw6xRUSECm) and have the verified role indicating that you own the avatar. You may also share edits of the avatar in the April the Cat Assets Sharing channel in the server.

- You can upload your edit of this avatar as a public model on vrchat ONLY if you also own the commercial version of the Deira base by Mari. If you do so you must leave the credits cube visibly in the avatar.

- You can sell paid content for this avatar such as clothing, attachments, and textures. Paid content going up on Gumroad or other stores is not allowed to contain the avatar files except for required parts of the rig to keep weight painting information. This includes textures: textures for sale in stores may not contain any part of the original textures.

You may not take parts from this model. If you want the parts, you must purchase them from their original creators. If you want to use my edits of those parts in making your own models, you must contact me on a case-by-case basis to ask for permission to use my edits, in addition to buying them from the original creators.

It is prohibited to use this avatar for the purpose of slandering a specific individual or group, or for political or religious activities.

You may not use this avatar in hate speech or hate actions of any kind.

There are no restrictions on the use of R-18 and R-18G, but the creator will not be held responsible for any problems caused by their use.

The creator is not responsible for any financial or mechanical problems caused by the use of this model. Please use it at your own risk.

The creator is not responsible for instructing you on how to use the avatar, or for teaching you how to upload the avatar.

Failure to adhere to terms of service may result in fines and legal action.

How To Import

Use the version of unity required by VRChat (this is listed on the VRChat website) to create a new project.

Import the newest version of VRCSDK3 for avatars (available on the VRChat website).

Import Poiyomi 8 (I used 8.0.295 but other versions are probably OK) https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases

Import Hai Combo Gesture Expressions 2.0.2 or later (I used V2.0.2) https://github.com/hai-vr/combo-gesture-expressions-av3/releases

Import the April the Cat unity package.

Open the April the Cat Scene in the Assets folder.

Upload the avatar using the vrchat sdk.

If you need more detailed instructions on how to upload the avatar, consult a youtube video on how to upload an avatar for vrchat. I will not answer questions on how to upload the avatar. This is part of the TOS (see below). You may also join my discord server and ask for support and people may choose to answer: https://discord.gg/Sw6xRUSECm


Where are the arm and leg warmers?

The arm and leg warmers on this avatar are made from blendshapes and decals, in order to save polygons. They are part of the Body material. To replace the arm warmer texture, replace the texture in Decal 0. The leg warmer texture is Decal 1. If you want to change the emission on the Body material, do not remove the Emission Mask. The emission mask is animated to hide the body emission where the arm and leg warmers are when each of them is active. If you remove the emission mask, the body emissions will show through the arm and leg warmers.

Is April the Cat compatible with deira textures?

This avatar is only partially compatible with deira textures. If you use a deira texture, the arms will need to be retextured.

Does April the Cat have a female chest option?

Yes! The female chest is adjustable in game using a slider. It has physics that can be toggled.

Does April the Cat have face tracking?

This avatar is not set up for face tracking at this time. The avatar still has the face tracking blendshapes from the Deira, but because I made some changes to the face of the avatar (eye and mouth size, etc) the face tracking blendshapes will likely need some work.

Is April the Cat quest compatible?

This avatar is not set up for quest. I might make a quest version in future, but there isn't one currently.

How do I verify my purchase?

Join my discord server and follow the instructions in how-to-verify-avatar (https://discord.gg/Sw6xRUSECm)


Base: Deira VRChat Base by Mari#0010 (https://marivr.gumroad.com/l/Deira) with significant edits by Alex the Cat

Arms and Hands base: Panda's Female Base by Pandaabear#9873 (https://pandaabear.gumroad.com/l/pAxQR), with textures and edits by Alex the Cat

Shorts: Xohu#0045 and Void#1509 (https://xohuvoid.gumroad.com/l/bffex), with small edits by Alex the Cat

Cat Ears: Nyakoh#6666 (https://nyakoh.gumroad.com/l/tzAEYD) with edits by Alex the Cat

Hoodie: Rhoda#7392 (https://rhodastore.gumroad.com/l/FreeOutfits) under Attribution 4.0 International License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/), with edits by Alex the Cat

Collar: Xohu#0045 and Void#1509 (https://xohuvoid.gumroad.com/l/bnwee)

Hair Textures: WetCat#6969 (https://wetcat.gumroad.com/l/75hairtex) with edits by Alex the Cat

Harnesses: PokerBlunders#0001 (https://pokerblunders.gumroad.com/l/uwulol), fitted to the model by Alex the Cat

Hair: nikkie#0088 (https://nikkiepng.gumroad.com/l/IvyHair), with small edits by Alex the Cat

Fluffy Tail and Tail Harness: JorgenVRC (Jorgen#2328) (https://jorgenvrc.gumroad.com/l/oJHtV)

Unity Tool Credits

These are not included, but were used in the creation of the avatar:

Many of the toggles were generated by Av3Creator (https://rafacasari.gumroad.com/l/av3creator)

Pumkin's Avatar Tools (https://github.com/rurre/PumkinsAvatarTools)

Udon Audiolink (https://github.com/llealloo/vrc-udon-audio-link)

Poiyomi Toon Shader (https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases)

Combo Gesture Expressions (https://github.com/hai-vr/combo-gesture-expressions-av3)

LyumaAv3Emulator (https://github.com/lyuma/Av3Emulator)

Photo Credits

The last 3 photos were taken by Ahlfu <3 Thank you so much.

  • You'll get:

  • Unity Package
  • Substance file
  • PSDs (Photoshop files)
  • Blender file
  • You'll get:
  • Unity Package
  • Substance file
  • PSDs (Photoshop files)
  • Blender file


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April the Cat (Furry VRChat Avatar)

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